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A little about what we do.

Dance Education Dance Education

Utilizing the talents of its dancers and their interest in community outreach to establish programs that educate people about the rich, cultural history of Hip Hop in relation to other art forms.

Professional Entertainment Professional Entertainment

Challenging ourselves as artists with diverse and innovative performance pieces that not only draw upon the multi-disciplinary talents of local artists, but also promote education and awareness of important community and social issues.

Community Outreach Community Outreach

Mentoring youth and producing and participating in meaningful community events in the LA area.


What our company members are saying.

  • Lauren Snook, Culture Shock LA Rehearsal Director

    Culture Shock LA changes lives, and it has undoubtedly changed mine for the better. Through the opportunities awarded to me as a member of this organization, I have become a stronger dancer, a more confident leader, an artist, a more compassionate friend and teammate, and a teacher. This team is filled with such incredibly talented dancers, but more importantly, phenomenal human beings who I am grateful to call my family and lifelong friends. The affection that our teammates have for one another as well as our strong collective determination to spread our passion for dance are what make this organization truly extraordinary and beautiful, and I am so thankful to be a part of it.

    - Lauren Snook, Culture Shock LA Rehearsal Director
  • Donna Arrogante, Former Culture Shock LA Director

    Culture Shock LA has profoundly impacted my life in countless ways. Upon joining the organization, I immediately felt the support and empowerment from the leaders and the members. Through the intensive training in dance and the opportunities to share my passion with the community through performing, I have learned to have compassion for others and live my life with purpose. I have also had the most privileged opportunity to give back to the company by becoming an art director. Today, I am a leader and visionary, because of the values that CSLA have instilled in me to help nurture our communities through sharing the positive impacts of Hip Hop Dance and community service.

    - Donna Arrogante, Former Culture Shock LA Director
  • Kameko Ogg, <a href="https://cultureshockla.org/about/family/">Mighty Shock LA</a> Director

    The past 7 years with Culture Shock Los Angeles has impacted my life more than I can say. I was given the opportunity to grow as a dancer in styles that I had previously known very little about. I was given the opportunity to share my passion for Hip Hop culture with our youth and the community, and was encouraged to grow as a leader and teacher. Without this organization, I would not have learned that teaching is my passion, and I would not have had the experience to mesh that passion with business and take on my full time career after college. I have seen this organization change the lives of adults and provide an artistic outlet for children. The most rewarding part is being able to see kids who had never danced before grow into more confident leaders in their communities years later. I’m so proud to be part of an organization that truly lives the concept of cultivating self worth, dignity, and respect for all people.

    - Kameko Ogg, Mighty Shock LA Director
  • Philip Cariaso, Jr., Culture Shock LA Community Relations Director

    Culture Shock LA is the epitome of so many positive things – compassion, leadership, self worth, respect, family. This organization has been a big part of my life ever since I joined in 2006 and I truly value everything that I have learned during my time as a dancer, leader, and educator. The friendships and positive relationships I have established from this organization will last a lifetime. There is nothing quite like dancing with a purpose. We are committed to doing something BIGGER  than ourselves, which can be truly inspiring, motivating, and fulfilling.

    - Philip Cariaso, Jr., Culture Shock LA Community Relations Director
  • Ian Aguenza, <a href="https://cultureshockla.org/about/family/">Culture Shock LA member</a>

    I joined Future Shock LA in 2008 and when I graduated highschool I tried out for Culture Shock LA in 2010. Needless to say, I have seen this organization go through many changes. Not only have I met awesome dancers, but I’ve met plenty of people that really have their hearts and minds towards the benefit of community enrichment. I’ve developed close friendships that have turned into family. The performances are truly once in a lifetime events, but for me, it’s during rehearsals where I take away valuable lessons. Learning and witnessing truly creative arts from my directors and colleagues is what I will cherish for a lifetime.  It wasn’t until I made the decision to apply to be an assistant director for Mini Shock LA back in 2013 did I really learn about the mission and the hard work it takes to keep our organization alive. So my hat goes off to all the directors in this organization. Culture Shock LA will always be the one thing I can look back on in my life and say I made a difference in the world.

    - Ian Aguenza, Culture Shock LA member
  • Stacey Mendoza, <a href="https://cultureshockla.org/about/family/">Mini Shock LA</a> Company Director

    Being a part of Culture Shock LA meant being a part of something more than just dance.  What drew me in was the artistry. What keeps me here is the passion, dedication, and commitment to being role models to the community and serving as teaching artists on the culture of Hip Hop and dance.  Not only do we teach to grow individuals as amazing dancers, but we pride ourselves in the development of life skills to become remarkable human beings.

    - Stacey Mendoza, Mini Shock LA Company Director
  • Yoko Kogure, Culture Shock LA Company Director

    The relationships that I have gained through CSLA are invaluable.  We make an effort to have meaningful relationships.  We do this by acknowledging our differences, having valuable conversations, working together in harmony, and supporting each other.  Amongst the struggles of daily life, the people on CSLA have encouraged me, supported me, and have inspired me to never give up on my dreams.  We are family.  We are comrades. We become lifelong friends.

    - Yoko Kogure, Culture Shock LA Company Director

Culture Shock Los Angeles

A non-profit, 501(c)(3) Hip Hop dance organization dedicated to Dance Education, Community Outreach,  Professional Entertainment and the preservation of the Hip Hop culture. Tax ID: 26-1198327

For inquiries and bookings, please email us at booking@cultureshockla.org