Education Programs

Students will have the opportunity to engage with the history, foundation, and spirit of hip hop dance in an ongoing and in-depth 6-8 week program. Students will gain insight into the foundation of Hip-Hop dance and culture, while exploring ways in which individuals affect the development of history. Through interactive movement exercises and discussions, our after-school programs prompt students to use critical thinking skills to identify experiences that have shaped them into unique individuals and also explore the joy of creativity and self-expression. Other key concepts include embracing individuality, respecting diversity, using dance as a means of positive self-expression, gaining knowledge about fundamental dance movement/terminology, and identifying the impact that fellow Los Angelinos have had on the arts. Each program is unique to each school site and CSLA instructor, in order to cater to the needs of your particular students!

To set up an after-school program, please contact Education & Outreach Director, Chris Cuenza, at