2018 Benefit Show: RED

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Culture Shock Los Angeles’ annual benefit show returns to the Aratani Theatre on July 14 with a revamp of RED, a family-friendly hip hop production that explores social issues and themes of empowerment through dance.

A dynamic, exciting performance put on by an all-ages ensemble, RED begins in a grayscale world where people are blissfully ignorant of the world’s problems and centers on a young girl named Redtzel, whose intrigue is captured by a mischievous and mysterious Red Rabbit. Join Redtzel as she follows the Red Rabbit through the rabbit hole and finds herself in new worlds, where her eyes are opened to harsh realities for the first time. Faced with new perspectives and issues in the world around her, Redtzel must decide if she will use her newfound knowledge to empower herself and redefine her world or if she will allow it to consume her.

RED features the entirety of the talented Shock LA Family, from the company team Culture Shock LA to the junior teams Mini Shock Los Angeles, Mighty Shock Los Angeles, & Future Shock LA. A spectacle that blends multiple urban dance styles and live spoken word performances in an inspiring story, the latest reimagining of Culture Shock LA’s annual performance will resonate with audiences.

The show returns to Little Tokyo’s Aratani Japan America Theater in downtown LA on Saturday, July 14 at 7:30PM.

For more information, please email: info@cultureshockla.org


_____ About Benefit Show _____

Since “Heaven Sent” in 2006, Culture Shock LA has hosted our annual Benefit Show as a way to contribute to a specific purpose that serves the community.

The show is special to us for multiple reasons – it gives us the chance to spotlight a specific cause, collaborate with other organizations, and push our own boundaries as dancers, storytellers, event planners, and more.

We’re challenged to find new ways to grow and give.