Culture Shock LA provides a service that brings professional dance entertainment, education, and instruction to numerous schools and community centers throughout the Los Angeles County. Throughout the year, our dancers perform 30-40 minute interactive lecture demonstrations. These demonstrations include performing choreography, educating students about the history of Hip Hop as well as the fundamentals of various hip hop styles, and engaging them in a cypher (freestyle dance circle) where they can use what they’ve learned to express themselves through dance. Through a partnership with the DEA Youth Dance Program, not only are we able to perform these lecture demonstrations, we are able to bring 10-20 week after-school dance classes to each school where we perform. We also provide in-school instruction using a California standards-based curriculum that is designed with the intent to foster the development of effective learning and life skills through meaningful, interactive arts experiences. One of our largest and most impactful programs is our partnership with Kipp Iluminar Academy, where we have established the school’s current dance program, providing year-long dance instruction to every single student from grades
K – 2nd.

Culture Shock LA also provides an open session for our dance community called FREEstyle Fridays, hosted by our Outreach & Education Director Diane Palaganas. This is an open space where dancers can come practice, share, and learn from other dancers for free. It is open to all styles, all ages, all levels, and of course, for all people.

By Diane Palaganas